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Are you feeling stuck between hope and doubt, knowing that something has to change in your life? You're determined to create the income, impact, and time freedom you want, but you've tried and feel like you're not making progress.

The problem is, we were never taught the "Essentials of Self-Mastery" that are essential to our success. But there's nothing wrong with you - achieving what matters most to you is possible and it's a skill you can learn.

When you learn the "Essentials of Self-Mastery," you'll be empowered to achieve your goals and live the life you want. You'll understand how to work with your mindset and master the "Process of Progress" to create the income, impact, and time freedom you desire.

What others say.

“When you talk to David, there is an immediate sense that he thinks intensely and cares deeply that all of us are capable of achieving more. His unique use of both the creative process and fundamental "hard work" principles make for an engaging, uplifting, and productive course.”

“David is a Renaissance man when it comes to life. He uses his life skills and human experiences to make a positive difference, no matter the situation."

“David is thoughtful but action-oriented. He is able to bring all of the skills he has learned through life experiences to what he does now with helping others reach their own goals. David has helped me realize my goal of running a small non-profit and is there as a friend, Artist, and advisor as we grow and learn about the greater community.”

“I come to David for guidance, clarity, and encouragement to pursue my dreams. David's positivity and wisdom bring me back to why I am searching for my purpose. David is a true inspiration and empowers those around him to keep moving forward.”

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Hi! I’m David.

I help entrepreneurs, leaders, and people determined to achieve what matters most to them while also living successful lives.